Monday, August 4, 2008

Chronicle for Higher Education 8/4/08

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Subject:Chronicle search agent: FTCUAEduc
Date:Monday, August 04, 2008 4:32:07 AM
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The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Dear Chronicle reader,

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are listed below.
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* Director of Continuing Education, Summer Session and Special Programs
Manhattanville College (New York)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Multiple Positions: Dean of Career and Outreach Education and Director of
Institutional Development and Executive Director of the Foundation
East Central College (Missouri)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Associate Director Career Center
Ball State University (Indiana)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Associate Dean of Graduate and Professional Programs
Millersville University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* President
Mississippi Valley State University (Mississippi)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Multiple Faculty Positions and Project Manager
Morris College (South Carolina)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Professor of Structural Engineering, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer of Structural
Engineering, Senior Lecturer of Environmental Engineering/Environmental
Forensics, Lecturer of Environment Engineering/Environmental Forensics
University of Strathclyde (Scotland)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Post-Doctoral Fellowship
State University of New York at Buffalo (New York)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Dean of Business
Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Chief Program Officer
National League for Nursing (New York)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Chief Information Officer
Minnesota State University at Moorhead (Minnesota)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Assistant Director/Counseling Services Coordinator
Gonzaga University (Washington)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Dean of the College of Engineering
Florida International University (Florida)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Multiple Positions: Faculty In Speech/Communication and Professional Staff
Theatre Manager
Vincennes University (Indiana)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Dean
Indiana University at Kokomo (Indiana)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities
Montgomery County Community College (Pennsylvania)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Assistant Professor of Spanish
Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne (Indiana)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Assistant Director for Residential Life for Leadership Development and
Fordham University (New York)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Director of Auxiliary Services
Tidewater Community College (Virginia)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)

* Assistant Professor
Le Moyne College (New York)
(date posted: 8/4/2008)


Recent career news & advice:

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child with the one he is living on the tenure track.
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* A cartload of recent books suggests that it's time to reverse
the customer-service mentality plaguing academe.
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* The economy can be a cruel mistress, particularly, it seems,
to a performing artist.
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* After 35 years of meetings and memos, an administrator
mulls leaving the management track.
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* A moment of minor irritation at a student's dumb question
can make for major aggravation.
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* Join us in our online discussion forums to talk
about academic work and life -- or just about anything else.
Registration is free.
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* For in-depth information provided by colleges, universities,
and other organizations, see Employer Profiles. Recent
additions: St. Edward's University and Western Oregon
--> SEE


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